Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Believed I Could, So I Did

Sometimes the day that you push yourself to go harder and go farther than you have ever gone before is even better than the day you started.  For me it's such a glorious feeling so I really like to bask in it and roll around in it like a little puppy and let the feeling accompany me for at least the next few workouts if I can.  It happened to me today on my run, not so ironically after I had gone through so many motivational fitness posters on Pinterest last night that I was about ready to puke out rainbows with "you can do it!" blazed upon them.  I was looking and pinning away for so long that even I was tired of reading some of the same things over and over again and began to think that I could actually write these darn things.  I believed I could, so I did.  Bam.
"I believed I could, so I did" www.fuel4play.com
I believed I could, so I did

Those words are so simple, but yet so strong and powerful and I was trying to think about them as I was reluctantly lacing my shoes to go on my run.  I had put it off till it was almost sunset……like I do a lot.  I think it's part due to the fact that I
actually like running when the sky turns magical colors and makes you feel like you shared a 'shroom with Alice, but more likely attributed to the fact that I am like Bill & Ted when it comes to procrastination.
So I finally took off running, and it felt………good, and then something even crazier happened….I didn't want to stop!  I was flipping through some of the posters in my mind telling me 'you're one day closer' and how 'your body will want to quit, but don't let the mind let it'.  And so I didn't.  I just kept running and it felt spectacular because I knew at that moment I was making progress and progress of course is evidence of persistence, and persistence is the golden road that leads to that fabulously glitzy place called Oz where your pants are loose and mojitos have no calories.  The distance that I did not think that I was capable of running a few days ago I was now annihilating.  The bar has now been set for my next milestone but now I'm on fire with this empowering feeling and will be ready to jump kick the crap out of that bar as well in a few weeks.  And this sensational feeling was all attributed to reading some positive statements on Pinterest.  So much good can be accomplished when you decide to ride the wave that positivity exudes, but the key is you have to want to jump on.
I believed I could, so I did.

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