Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why I Said "No More Excuses"

Everyone has been at a point in their lives when they feel like their exercise routine has jumped overboard and you just don't feel like you have the strength or desire to save it.  You start to find excuses for why you are not doing what you well know is one of the best things you could possibly be doing for your body, your mind and most definitely your emotional well-being.  My excuses started when I arrived in Brazil.  First I was on vacation, then it was too hot, after that the trail was too overgrown to hike on etc. etc…  I knew very well that I should be working out and that by not doing so I was losing my cardiovascular fitness and my strength that I worked so hard to build up.  I promised myself that I would never be such a slacker again because I know exactly how much work I had done to get to where I was.  But yet, here I was being lazy in my workout and let's not forget my diet; shoving every fried item I could find in my face for the sake of expanding my 'international culinary palate'.  I'm sure this may have happened to you at one point or another and you can relate.  Or if you can't then you're the type of person I detest with kind jealousy and you should just stop reading my post right now.

So here I was, laying around, eating like crap and finding time to check fb for the 2nd time in the day and yet still not finding the time, or more frankly, motivation, to work out for the first time in the day.  And doesn't it always seem like when you're lazy and not pushing yourself in your workout you're lazy in your diet too(and maybe sometimes in other areas of your life)?  It's like one can't exist without the other.  They are like Bert without Ernie, night without day, Homer without Doh!, Ben without Jerry...yummmm…did someone say ice cream?  At this lazy point I was starting to feel like crap and knew that I needed to change, but sometimes you just need an extra push to get off your badunkadonk and get started.  My push came in the form of an article interviewing ultra-marathoner Sally McRae.  And by 'ultra' I mean 100 mile races, yes 100, that was not a typo.  In this article, this amazing mother of two said "I remind myself daily to be thankful for the ability to run. Every day that I get to run is a gift."

After reading the article I thought to myself if this woman is able to find time to run 100 miles a week and strength train on top of that I can guarantee she doesn't make excuses in her head of why she can't or shouldn't do it, she just makes it work, so should you, and so should I!

A one hour workout is only 4% of a total day, 4%!!!  So seriously, no more excuses.  It's time to get off your booty and make 'you' a priority.  Look at your daily schedule and identify the least important thing that you can put off until tomorrow and instead exercise today.  Do whatever you need to do, work out first thing in the morning, at lunch, while watching Game of Thrones, etc., but just work out, no excuses!  Next time excuses start to pop in your head just think of Sally McRae making it work, tying her shoelaces to go run her 100th mile this week and then just go do your workout already, it's your daily gift waiting to be unwrapped….I know I just unwrapped mine.
"Why I Said 'No More Excuses'"
Photo courtesy of Steve Garner

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