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Grape Nuts Summit Sampler

I recently had the opportunity to be a representative for Grape Nuts in their Summit Sampler program.  Summit Samplers' Program Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Post Grape-Nuts Being the first cereal atop Mt. Everest.  Fueled by Grape-Nuts, Sir Edmund Hillary became the first man to conquer Mt. Everest on May 29, 1953.  To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of this historic feat, Grape-Nuts was inviting outdoor enthusiasts nationwide to recreate the cereal's ascent to the highest point on Earth in their own hometown.  All I did was answer a couple of questions on their facebook page and then they contacted me that I was a semi-finalist.  Here is what they asked and what I answered:

What's Your Mountain?
I want to ascend Mt. Wilson.  The hike to the summit is 14 miles round trip and 4700 ft. elevation gain.  This is one of the training hikes for Mt. Whitney, which I plan to do this year.  I would run into a lot of people on this hike to give samples to!

What would you do with the $500?
Put it toward my outdoor educator schooling at NOLS.

Anything else?
I love Grape Nuts, and I love hiking.  I would love this opportunity to be an ambassador for the brand, even if just for a day!

After I was confirmed as a finalist I was sent an amazing package with a really great backpack, a flag for my summit day, a Grape Nuts t-shirt, 60 samples of their new product, Grape Nuts Fit, to hand out, a Camelbak water bottle that filters potable water and a Black Diamond caribiner.  Needless to say, Grape Nuts totally hooked it up!  I was totally blown away by the package and was even more excited to represent them in this program!
"Grape Nuts Summit Sampler" www.fuel4play.com
Grape Nuts Fit
I knew that the area I was hiking in was super popular and I could be done with my samples before I even left for the trailhead so I decided that I would wait until I was on my specific trail before I started handing out samples to fellow hikers.  Well, it turns out that I picked probably the
least popular trail in the park and only ran into 2 people over my first 4 miles of the hike.  That was ok since I still had 10 more to go overall, but that also meant that I was carrying extra weight for the most strenuous part of the hike.  Here's to training!!  
"Grape Nuts Summit Sampler" www.fuel4play.com
Lots of ups and downs to climb!
At least the view was pretty along the way..

"Grape Nuts Summit Sampler" www.fuel4play.com
"Grape Nuts Summit Sampler" www.fuel4play.com
"Grape Nuts Summit Sampler" www.fuel4play.com
"Grape Nuts Summit Sampler" www.fuel4play.com
I finally ran into a bunch of boy scout troupe leaders and was more than happy to unload some samples.  They were more than happy to receive them and I enjoyed a brief discussion with them until one of them started discussing how the high fiber content of the Grape Nuts Fit would ensure that he wouldn't have to have hemorrhoid surgery.  This was my cue to continue on in my journey.  :)
"Grape Nuts Summit Sampler" www.fuel4play.com
Boy Scout Troupe Leaders enjoying their Grape Nuts Fit
After that it wasn't much longer until I reached the summit.  I knew ahead of time that Mt. Wilson was not known for it's summit views and I definitely realized that when I got to the top.  There is a perpetual cloud of haze that surrounds this mountain, but it is not lacking in entertainment once you get to the top.  After emerging from the woods you can have a hot meal or a cold ice cream, depending on the weather and your preference.  After that there about 3 or 4 huge telescopes that you can check out, along with a museum.  There are, of course, lots of people that just drove up and parked at the top, but the feeling you get emerging from the trail and them asking you about the hike you did that day is truly priceless.  I had a family ask me about my hike when I walked out of the trail and the dad said to his kids, "now that's a true hiker." 
"Grape Nuts Summit Sampler" www.fuel4play.com
On the top of Mt. Wilson
Moments like these make me smile inside and be so appreciative of the things I can do and the places I can see by hiking.  And it's also a good reminder of some great words by Sir Edmund Hillary himself;

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

Here's to Grape Nuts Fit, Sir Edmund Hilary, Mt. Wilson and Me!

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You can read all about this program that I was honored to be a part of here.
You can check out Grape Nuts on Facebook for inspiring memes, nutritional recipes and spotlights on inspiring athletes here.
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